Resource Library

Resource Library

As part of the research done in the Faculty, we offer a number of resources of various types which are available for inspection and download.


Software is a set of programs, procedures, algorithms and its documentation. Program software performs the function of the program it implements, either by directly providing instructions to the computer hardware or by serving as input to another piece of software.

The term was coined to contrast to the old term hardware (meaning physical devices). In contrast to hardware, software is intangible, meaning it "cannot be touched". Software is also sometimes used in a narrower sense, meaning application software only. Sometimes the term includes data that has not traditionally been associated with computers, such as film, tapes, and records.


Presentations for talks and seminars prepared as part of Research activity are linked in this section.

Recent Publications

You can find all our published research listed in the Open Research Online website, but we have extracted some of the more recent submissions to this page.


Podcasts are available based on output from Faculty Research of various kinds.

Data Sets

Where we have collected sets of data which have been used for research, we have been able to offer these on these pages for others to use.