Data Sets

Data Sets

Data set re-use

Much of our work results in the assembly of data sets which can be used freely in other contexts.

We provide links below to some which have been used recently in the Faculty.

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  • 15 February 2011 Student-Drawn Entity-Relationship Diagrams Two sets of student-drawn entity-relationship diagrams (one used for development and one for testing); A set of specimen solution diagrams (alternative solutions to an exam question); A description of the XML encoding of the diagrams; The text of the exam question to which the student diagrams are answers; The text of the marking scheme; A READ ME file containing the above information. Together, these files could be used by another researcher developing and testing an ERD marker.
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  • 11 February 2011 O.L.D. is the home of open linked data from The Open University. It gives access to data from institutional repositories through a SPARQL endpoint. It is a platform currently developed as part of the LUCERO JISC Project to extract, interlink and expose data available in various institutional repositories of the University and make it available openly for reuse.
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