Student Projects

Here are some recent examples of student presentations on their PhD projects.

Music Jacket Feedback project - Combining motion capture and real-time vibrotactile feedback.

The jacket tracks a player’s motion using the Animazoo™ motion capture jacket. This is sent to a laptop where it is compared with the movements the teacher has taught them. Feedback is given as vibrations on the arms and torso.


Co-operatives as a learning space for youth

There is increasing interest in co-operatives in Africa and whether they have the
potential to enable people to build sustainable livelihoods.


3d Shape Grammars

How can 3D shape grammars be used as creative tools for design?


Residual Stresses in Weldments by Neutron Diffraction

Residual Stress measurement
using Neutron Diffraction instruments at
ENGIN-X at ISIS (UK) and Vulcan at SNS (USA)

Designing and Evaluating Interactive Systems: Musical tabletops for Collective Music Performance


Reliable Measurements of Internal Stresses in a Dissimilar Weld by Neutron Diffraction

Cognitive Radio - A Sustainable Technology for Green Wireless Communications

Development of a New Technique for Assessing Damage in Power Plant Materials