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  • - Collins, Kevin
  • - Ison, Ray
  • - Blackmore, Chris

Systems, Environment and Sustainable Development


Systems concepts and practice are a key part of understanding and making sense of environmental change and sustainability.  This is a core area of research for members of the Open Systems Research Group.  

Much of our research is concerned with the development and application of systems ideas and practices to a range of environmental issues and natural resource managing situations. Typically, our work is carried out through action research: engaging in real-world settings with poorly-structured or controversial issues to bring about changes to people’s lives, management practices and institutional arrangements in a variety of different contexts.

In over a decade, we have developed a substantial portfolio of leading and innovative national and international research projects and publications on how systems approaches can be used to progress environmental issues. 

Key projects and research have centred on issues of social learning for water resources managing; communities of practice; poverty alleviation and ecological services; and design of learning systems and knowledge exchange processes.