Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design


At the forefront of sustainable design, our research has charted and contributed to the evolution of practice in this field.

Our work on sustainable design ranges from ‘green’ design, for example involving the use of recycled materials, through eco-design involving lifecycle assessment and management and, more recently, to sustainable design and innovation, involving broader social and ecological transformations.   Our research focuses on current and emerging practice in a number of specific areas, which are detailed below.

Open University Sustainable Design research publications can be accessed via the Open Research Online research repository site at

Researchers include:

Robin Roy Sally Caird Stephen Peake
Emma Dewberry Georgy Holden Claudia Eckert
Stephen Potter Peter Lloyd Matthew Cook


Research Areas

and also these below:

  • Low Carbon Living in the Built EnvironmentAdoption, Use and Assessment of Domestic Low Carbon Technologies
  • Sustainable EnergyThe Faculty has been engaged in teaching and research on energy since the mid-1970s. The Energy and Environment Research Unit (EERU) was set up in 1986 and is currently directed by Stephen Peake. EERU is an interdisciplinary group of physicists, engineers, designers, environmental scientists, biologists and social scientists.
  • Sustainable Products and ServicesOur research in this field draws on a number of disciplinary perspectives including those of Design and Innovation Studies, Energy and Environmental Studies, Business Studies, Economics, Science and Technology Studies.