Medical Statistics

Medical Statistics


Medical statistics is a major area of statistical endeavour, and has had a considerable influence on clinical medicine and public health through applications, for instance, to the design and analysis of clinical trials and the epidemiology of chronic and infectious diseases.

The purpose of this Research Group is to foster further research into the theory and application of methodology to medical statistics, to encourage collaboration between its members and to establish the OU’s Department of Statistics as a centre for medical statistics research.

Aims and Objective

  • To stimulate and facilitate research into the theory and applications of medical statistical methods, establishing the OU’s Statistics Group as a centre for Medical Statistics.

Current Themes

  • Allowing for learning when assessing new health technologies
  • Allowing for recall bias in the analysis of case-control studies
  • Case-only study designs in epidemiology
  • Design of epidemiological studies for testing non-standard null hypotheses
  • Estimation of the reproduction number and other epidemiological parameters for infectious diseases
  • Evaluating and extending the self controlled case series method
  • Inference for infectious diseases from multivariate serological survey data
  • Influences on the decline of infant mortality in England and Wales between 1871 and 1948
  • Methodological development of syndromic and laboratory statistical surveillance systems
  • Modelling and evaluation of contact survey data
  • Multivariate meta-analysis
  • Statistical methods for evaluating the safety of vaccines and other drugs, including MMR vaccine and autism
  • Statistical methods for single-case studies in neuropsychology
  • Statistical methods for surveillance of mass vaccination programmes