Design Processes and Products

Design Processes and Products


Our research covers:

  • Design theory and methods
  • Studies of designers’ processes, cognition, behaviour and performance
  • Design Collaboration
  • Creativity in design and innovation
  • Ethics in design
  • Computational design; shape grammars; haptic interfaces; generative methods
  • Comparative design across cultures and domains
  • Design usability in products; usability in design tools; prototyping

Researchers inlcude:

Professor Chris Earl
Professor Steve Garner
Dr Peter Lloyd
Dr Nicole Schadewitz
Dr Claudia Eckert
Dr Katerina Alexiou
Dr Theodore Zamenopoulos
Dr Emma Dewberry
Dr Matthew Cook
Georgy Holden

  • Comparative DesignDesign processes vary with design domains. In this research we are investigating the drivers for these differences and examining opportunities to transfer best practice across design domains.
  • CreativityCreativity is a major driver in invention and innovative design. We study creative people to understand the thinking and representations in creative design processes. This also includes the construction of more creative computer aided design tools.
  • Design ComputationResearch in design computation concerns the computations applied to visual representations and physical objects as they are transformed, evaluated and tested during design process
  • Design RepresentationsRepresentations are the lifeblood of the design process. They are created and applied by a wide range of professionals in the creative industries ranging from sculptors, fashion designers and film makers to engineers, architects and town planners.
  • Design ThinkingDesign Thinking is concerned both with individual cognitive activity during the process of design as well as thinking 'projected' into the world in the form of talk and discussion.
  • Supporting Designers in PracticeWe work closely with design practitioners and design managers in industry, the public sector and academia to understand design processes across design domains.