Technology and Education Research

Technology and Education Research Group (TERG)


The group carries out research in:

  • using technology for learning and teaching
  • learning and teaching about technology

Our research addresses questions such as:

  • What is the role of online communities in education?
  • What kind of assessment and feedback works best for students?
  • How can social technologies such as discussion forums, social bookmarking and wikis be used for learning?
  • How can we characterise excellent practice in using Open Educational Resources?
  • Can an online ‘avatar teacher’ help children with autism to communicate?
  • What teaching techniques work best in real-time web conferencing environments?

Group members are involved in a range of research projects, both externally and internally funded.

Members regularly contribute items of news or accounts of events they have attended on the TERG blog.

More information can be found on the TERG blog and website.

We also have a sister group - the Education and Technology Interest Group (known locally as EATING) which holds regular seminars on these topics.