Transport research at the Open University is undertaken from a number of discipline perspectives, including Business Studies, Computing, Design and Innovation, and Energy and Environmental Studies.

Transport research is, however, a particular interest within the Faculty of Maths, Computing and Technology, with research projects on issues such as travel behaviour, low carbon vehicle technologies, energy use in transport and city systems, traffic modelling, the management of radical transport developments, transport taxation and transport policy implementation.

Transport Research

For an overview of transport research at the Open University, key recent publications and contact details for transport researchers at the OU, see our latest Annual Report. This provides a full list of projects and researchers involved.

Transport features in other areas of this website, including Acoustics (traffic noise barriers), Statistics (traffic modeling), Computing and Sustainable Products and Systems.

In 2011 we hosted the Universities' Transport Study Group Conference at the OU and webcasts on the conferences Plenary Sessions are available. Stephen Potter co-edited a special issue of Transportation Planning and Technology containing key papers from this conference, which was published in early 2012.

TRL WorkshopWe also have a PhD partnership with the Transport Research Laboratory, which is an OU Affiliated Research Centre. Under this partnership agreement, suitably qualified staff in TRL are able to supervise students studying for OU PhDs based at their site. A joint student/supervisor workshop is held annually.

Open University transport research publications can be accessed via the Open Research Online research repository site at


Recent Projects

U-STIR - User-led innovations in transport (Stephen Potter, James Warren and Sally Caird) See:

Factors Sustaining Workplace Travel Plans (Helen Roby and Stephen Potter)

Milton Keynes Electric Vehicles Project (Stephen Potter, Miguel Valdez and Abukari Atchulo).

This was awarded a Plugged in Place grant in 2009 and the University is particularly contributing to the public engagement and user monitoring aspects of the project. For further details see the project's Newsletter. This project forms part of the Milton Keynes Low Carbon Living programme and is conducted jointly with colleagues in the Business School.

We also have a Low Carbon Vehicles and Innovation in Transport Blog including information on our workshops and other events.

Taxation Futures for Sustainable Mobility (Stephen Potter, James Warren and Ben Lane). Including Stephen Potter’s membership of the Green Fiscal Commission and research on tax measures to support travel plans, including work for the National Business Travel Network and Green Budget Europe.

Innovative Transport Systems and Services (Stephen Potter, Paul Hodgson and James Warren). This includes a study of advanced guided bus systems.

The environmental performance of Slow Transport (James Warren)

Implementation strategies for Road User Charging (Petros Ieromonachou)

Sustainable transport policy and practice in developing and developed countries (James Warren and Stephen Potter)

GAMBAS: Cemantic computing platform for public transport (Gerd Kortuem)
For details see

Researchers include:

Stephen Potter Miguel Valdez
James Warren Paul Hodgson
Helen Roby Gerd Kortuem


Visiting Fellows:


Low Carbon Living