Sustainable Products and Services

Research draws on a number of disciplinary perspectives including Design and Innovation Studies, Energy and Environmental Studies, Business Studies, Economics, Science and Technology Studies.


Multi-disciplinary perspectives help to gain novel and useful insights on:

  • Service Design for Sustainability in Higher Education
  • Product Service Systems
  • System Innovation and Transitions
  • Participatory Approaches to Sustainable Design
  • Design for Resilience
  • Eco-literacy
  • Responsible Design and Ethics
  • Design Politics and Activism

Current and Recent Projects

Project Falcon Smart Grids: Exploring engagement with smart grid technologies and systems and new patterns of electricity demand and local generation (2012-15) (Stephen Potter, Matt Cook)

SusTEACH Banner

SusTEACH-Exploring the sustainability of Higher Education teaching and learning models and developing tools for carbon-based environmental assessment  (2011-13) (Andy Lane and Sally Caird) 

Design and Political Resistance: Tactics, Power and Transformation (2010-13) (Ann Thorpe, Emma Dewberry, Stephen Peake)

Transitions to Sustainable Food Production (2010-13)(Per Anders Langendahl, Matthew Cook, Stephen Potter)

Consumer Attitudes towards Sustainability in Fashion (2010-13)(Philippa Crommentuijn-Marsh, Claudia Eckert, Stephen Potter)

Design Dialogues: An exploratory study of design narratives, methodologies and tools towards achieving Factor 10 outcomes EPSRC (2005-8) (Emma Dewberry)

Achieving Household Waste Prevention on New UK Housing Developments- DEFRA Waste and Resources Research Programme (2006-8) (Matthew Cook, Emma Dewberry)

Factor 10 Visions Project: Towards Sustainable Higher Education: Environmental impacts of campus-based and distance higher education systems (1999-2005) (Robin Roy, Stephen Potter) 


Sally Caird
Matthew Cook
Emma Dewberry
Claudia Eckert
Georgy Holden
Peter Lloyd
Stephen Peake
Stephen Potter
Robin Roy

Open University publications: Sustainable Products and Services