The Faculty has been engaged in teaching and research on energy since the mid-1970s. The Energy and Environment Research Unit (EERU) was set up in 1986 and is currently directed by Stephen Peake. EERU is an interdisciplinary group of physicists, engineers, designers, environmental scientists, biologists and social scientists.

The Unit currently includes around 18 full-time staff, post-graduate students and consultants. In addition to supporting a wide range of post-graduate research work, EERU also runs the course T206 "Energy for a Sustainable Future" within the Open University's undergraduate programme.

Open University Sustainable Energy research publications can be accessed via the Open Research Online research repository site at

Current and Recent Projects

Zero Carbon Britain 2030 (Godfrey Boyle)

Factors underlying success of photovoltaics in Germany (Godfrey Boyle, Steve Plater)

UK India Education and Research Initiative, British Council (Godfrey Boyle)

Software to enable the holistic design of low carbon buildings (Robina Hetherington, Robin Laney, Stephen Peake)

“4Decades” Climate change software for large groups (Stefan Krietmeyer, Robin Laney Stephen Peake and Yvonne Rogers)

ENV.2010.4.2.1-1 Enhancing model integration for the assessment of global environmental change (Neil Edwards, Stephen Peake and others)

New book: ‘Living in a Low-carbon Society' for Palgrave Macmillan (Horace Herring)

Rebound effect, sustainable consumption and low-carbon communities (Horace Herring)

Post-war environmental history, especially 1960-70s environmental groups and public attitudes to nuclear power (Horace Herring).

How past societies coped without oil (Bob Everett)

The testing of low energy housing (Bob Everett)

Study on Energy Efficiency Retrofiting in Public Buildings in Kosovo for European Commission (Terry Cook, Bob Everett and Derek Taylor)

Western Balkans Energy Efficiency Support Facility (Terry Cook)

Community mobilization expert for the establishment of an Eco-village model in Armenia utilizing RES and EE for sustainable living in small communities (Funded by the Government of Norway)

Renewable energy policy in the UK, EU and globally, including pan EU supergid balancing systems (Dave Elliot)

Biofuels (Dave Elliot)

Domestic Energy Monitoring and Control (Malcolm Fowles)

Researchers include

Ian Billington
Antonio Aguilo
Godfrey Boyle
Alexi Clarke
Terry Cook
David Elliott
Bob Everett
Malcolm Fowles
Horace Herring
Robina Hetherington
Stefan Kreitmeyer
Keith Midgley
Stephen Peake
Steve Plater
Stephen Potter
Janet Ramage
Jonathan Scurlock
Derek Taylor