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One of the main objectives of design research is to support design practice through the development of theories, processes and tools. We work closely with design practitioners and design managers in industry, the public sector and academia to understand needs and barriers.

We compare practice across domains, such as engineering, fashion, construction and product design, and aim to transfer learning and insights. Most commercial products are designed by modification from existing products. We support this through our work on engineering change, trends and inspiration. The research spans all phases of the design process from idea generation and creativity to planning processes and testing products. In this theme we work closely with national and international researchers from different domains and different disciplines.


D2RHECC: Design & Delivery of Robust Hospital Environments in a Changing Climate, EPSRC, 2009-2012(Cambridge, OU, Loughborough, Leeds)  http://www-edc.eng.cam.ac.uk/robusthospitals/

CONVERGE: Supply chain integration and real-time decision making in non-hierarchical manufacturing networks, Funder: EU Framework 7, 2009 – 2011, (CNRS – Bordeaux, OU, others)  http://www.converge-project.eu/

Considerate design for personalised fashion products, EPSRC / AHRC Design in the 21st century grant, 2007 – 2009 (LCF, OU, Cambridge)


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Recent OU PhD projects:

Claudia Eckert (1997), Intelligent support for knitwear design

Current PhD projects:

Khadija Tahera,  Virtual and physical testing in engineering design

Saad Hasan, Exchange of tactical and strategic information in supply chains

Pam Garthwaite, Refurbishment for resilient hospitals

Arno Verhoeven,  Objects, narratives and design conversations

Philipa Crommentuijn, Consumer attitudes to sustainable fashion

Amy Yan Liu, Power relationships in supply chains