Language, Multimedia and Knowledge Technologies

Our research in Language, Multimedia and Knowledge Technologies focuses on four key areas, each with a strong research group: semantic web, natural language generation, natural language understanding, and multimedia & information systems.

A distinguishing characteristic of our research is that many of our techniques are ‘hybrids’ – we develop innovative solutions that bring together results from two or more of the four areas. For example, much of our work on the semantic web builds on the integration of semantic and language technologies.

The photograph above shows an example of ancient Nepali graffiti. Because it uses different formats, media and representations in getting the message across, we feel it illustrates our research theme rather well.

  • Natural Language GenerationThe Natural Language Generation group at the Open University is a team of computer scientists and computational linguists working together to develop theories and technologies to support the automatic generation of natural language.
  • Natural Language ProcessingWe specialise in exploiting surface clues, term distribution and co-occurrence patterns, to leverage high level information, for instance on semantic similarity or semantic relations between concepts.