Kinematic Design and Robot Applications

New research into the kinematic structure of autonomous robotic systems offers the potential to develop fresh insights and new tools and techniques for designing mechanical architectures with improved robustness for future autonomous system development.

A Morphology-Driven Robotics Design Process

The goal of this research is to establish a mathematically supported design process applicable to autonomous and robotic planetary exploration systems.

Intelligent Geometry Compressor

This research programme aims to develop flexible control of axial compressors, used for example in jet engines, in order to operate more efficiently yet safely, close to the surge line and taking into consideration constantly changing aerodynamic conditions.  This could be used to provide lighter, quieter turbines which can, in aviation, accommodate high G-forces and air-intake instability.  The concept of the Intelligent Geometry Compressor (IGC) involves rotational control of individual axial stator vanes using Autonomous Intelligent Agents.