• Research Team
  • Co-ordinators
  • - Horrocks, Ivan
  • Researchers
  • - Minocha, Shailey
  • - Walker, Steve
  • - Horrocks, Ivan
  • - Grimsley, Mike
  • - Dr Leslie Budd (OUBS)
  • Students
  • - van der Merwe, Rean

The core objective is to develop and deploy a model of citizen-centric government and public services which is capable of accelerating the level and rate of engagement amongst some of the ECs most socially disadvantaged citizens. Central to the strategy will be the closer integration into service delivery networks of organisations (e.g. 3rd Sector, NGOs, Social or Community Enterprises) and others who can act locally with or for excluded citizens. EGOV4U will putting relevant technology into the hands, homes and communities of the socially disadvantaged. The project will share and deploy an European award-winning model developed by Milton Keynes Council in the UK. The research focus is on flexible, personalised and multi-channel services and evaluation of outcomes.

Funding body:  European Commission

Funding period:  9/2010 - 8/2013

Our partners are:
Milton Keynes Council, UK
Dublin City Council, Republic of Ireland
Reykjavíkurborg (City of Reykjavic), Iceland
Grad Rijeka (City of Rijeka), Republic of Croatia
Local Councils Association of Malta
Fondazzjoni Temi Zammit - Community Foundation, Malta
Adepteq Ltd., UK
ConnectMK Ltd., UK