• Research Team

The role of ecosystem services in poverty alleviation is about how managing ecosystems more sustainabily can contribute to improved livelihoods for household and communities in developing countries.  This  growing research area with significant funding from UK research funders under the ESPA programme.

Members of the Open Systems Research Group were involved in Phase I project: 

Strengthening research capacity of China and South Africa (SA) in sustainable water resources management with UK and Australian experiences.

The objective of this 11-month project, comprising 10 scientists with multi-disciplinary expertise from the UK, Australia, China and SA, was to strengthen research capacity in China and SA on ecosystems services and poverty as well as providing a platform for reflexive learning. This was acheived by researching the systemic relationships between poverty alleviation and integrated and sustainable water management through use of ecosystems services in Baiyangdian Lake catchment in China and the Mvoti catchment in SA.

Project Partners were:

The Open University (UK)

The University of Melbourne (Australia)

Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinese Agricultural University

Khanya African Institute for Community-Driven Development (South Africa)

FutureWorks (South Africa)