The Design group has a broad portfolio of research into creativity.  Some projects have sought to understand the processes of thinking and representation of creative people involved in the invention, design and innovation of new and improved artefacts. More recently members of the design group have been engaged in generative computing, using gaze tracking to inform the construction of new and more creative computer aided design tools.


Case studies of innovative product development (Robin Roy). Design Innovation Group DIG.

Designing with Vision. (Steve Garner), Funded by The Leverhulme Trust in collaboration with University of Leeds. 


Robin Roy
Steve Garner  

Selected papers

Prats M, Jowers I, Pedreira N, Garner S, McKay A (2010) Interpretation of Geometric Shapes – An Eye Movement Study, Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications (ETRA 10), 22-24 March, Austin, Texas, USA. 

Prats M, Lim S, Jowers I, Garner S and Chase S (2009) Transforming shape in design: Observations from studies of sketching. Design Studies, Vol 30, No5, September, pp503-520. 

Lim S, Prats M, Jowers I, Chase S, Garner S and McKay A. (2008) Shape Exploration in Design: Formalising and Supporting a Transformational Process. International Journal of Architectural Computing, Vol 6, No 4, pp415-433.