The complexity and design group has been leading a variety of projects aiming to coordinate research in complexity science across Europe and the World, with an emphasis on future technologies and on cultivating engagement with societal issues, sustainability, education and policy making.

This work includes: coordinating private and public sector users of complex systems science at national and international levels; delivering a core curriculum of high quality education in mathematics, physics, computing and simulation, and providing an excellent web-based source of information on complexity science for the public, policy makers, business people, and scientists.

Jeff Johnson
Jane Bromley
David Hales
Katerina Alexiou
Theodore Zamenopoulos

Recent research projects and outputs:

Etoile: Enhanced Technologies for Open Intelligent Learning Environments.
A European coordination action aiming to revolutionise education through the use of intelligent technology: 

ASSYST: Action for the Science of Complex Systems and Socially Intelligent ICT.
A coordination action funded by EU aiming to coordinate and support research on complex systems, make connections with scientists and the public and private sectors, and promote education:

Mathematics for the Science of Complex Systems
The group is running a number of seminars and workshops aiming to promote new mathematical research and support mathematics education.

ONCE-CS: Open Network of Centres of Excellence in Complex Systems
A coordination action funded by the European Commission under FP6. The purpose of ONCE-CS was to strengthen European research in complex systems, and to assist people in business and public services to use the new science effectively. The project provided a platform for the creation and development of the Complex Systems Society:

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