Having a world fit for our children to inherit; having a place for people and nature to co‐exist; living a life that does not harm others.

To know if we are sustainable means measurement. The Imagine methodology emerged as a good process. It is Participatory. It involves local populations to create indicators that are meaningful so that sustainability becomes more than just measurement. It becomes a way to know a good life.

CAMP Project

The CAMP Levante de Almeria project area covers over 219,000 hectares of the South Eastern area of the Almeria Province, in Southern Spain. Of that total, 71,000 hectares correspond to the marine area, and 148,122 hectares is terrestrial.



The objectives put forward for the “CAMP Levante de Almeria” project are as follows:

  • To enhance the co-ordination mechanisms between the different government bodies and the area’s social and economic actors for the compatibility and integrability of the policies implemented and the actions carried out.
  • To assure administrative co-ordination as the main instrument to guarantee a real integration of environmental policy and the rest of sectorial activities.
  • To increase public awareness and participation in the policies and activities aimed at the conservation and the sustainable use of resources.
  • To improve the training and capacity building of the area’s management teams, the different economic sectors and the local populations to achieve the project’s objectives and enable the launch of other initiatives related to conservation and sustainability.
  • To enhance the sustainability and compatibility with the conservation of the natural environment of the area’s main economic sectors (agriculture, tourism and urban development).
  • To make a contribution to the conservation and management of the natural and cultural resources.


The Imagine Methodology, developed by Dr. Simon Bell of the Faculty of Mathematics Computing and Technology, is the core of the CAMP project. Imagine brings together all stakeholders in the project - local people, policy makers, consultants and technical experts - and creates central 'place' where sustainability ideas can be discussed.

Imagine works on the basis of a series of workshops.

Imagine has been used around the Mediterranean and the UK for group thinking work for over a decade and is covered in the literature

Links: Imagine Book | IRGEE Bell 2011

In Spain, Imagine has been used to bind the team together, to gain a sense of community engagement in the process of sustainability and, beyond this, has been used with local school children .. to get their thoughts about Sustainability too.