The Statistics Group group (based in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics) has a wide variety of research interests with formally constituted Research Groups in:

Additional topics include smoothing methods, distribution theory and statistical methods in ecology.

Further details of specific research endeavours are available on the individual home pages of Statistics Group members. Many of which include lists of publications, research interests and other activities

Technical Reports

Technical reports dating back to 2004 are available on the Statistics Group website.

  • Bayesian StatisticsBayesian statistics is a major area of statistical endeavour which has hugely increased its profile, in theory and applications, in recent years
  • Medical StatisticsMedical statistics is a major area of statistical endeavour, and has had a considerable influence on clinical medicine and public health through applications
  • Multivariate StatisticsMultivariate statistics is a major area of statistical endeavour, ranging from exploratory, graphical methods of multidimensional analysis to fundamental questions in probability theory and inference