International Development

International Development

What is driving international development in the early 21st Century?

The rise of new powers in Asia and other parts of the developing world is challenging the established global order and ushering in new ways of thinking about development.

New technologies in health, agriculture and energy have the potential to  transform the lives of the poor and improve the global environment.

Information technologies are increasing access to knowledge about economic and political processes and allowing people to challenge and change dominant  ways of thinking about development.

DPP research focuses exclusively on these key drivers of change that are shifting the way we think about development.

How we work

We have a strong and distinctive research culture which is:

  • Funded externally by UK Research Councils, the EU and other public institutions and produces internationally acclaimed publications
  • Founded on interdisciplinary and inter-continental collaborations
  • Influences policy makers, NGOs and activists across the globe to deliver change on the ground
  • Shapes public understanding of what international development is and can achieve.

  • Innovation for DevelopmentInnovation drives social change, but whether it helps the poorer sections of society is a key policy problem. In DPP we address issues of innovation, equity and social justice in both the developed and developing world. Much of this is through the ESRC funded INNOGEN research centre with the University of Edinburgh.
  • Rising PowersWhat impact will Asia’s rise have on the rest of the developing world? DPP research on the Asian Drivers has produced the first and most detailed analysis of the complex economic, political and social impacts of China’s rise on Africa.
  • The Politics of Development The group brings together different elements of social and political change in development, grounding the work in political ideas, public policies and development actions. Each area of the group looks at the intersection between actors, institutions and dynamics of social and political change at local, national, transnational and international scales of development.