Digital Society

Digital Society

Our digital world requires us to develop and follow new norms of behaviour. High speed computer and communications networks continue to transform our society and we rely increasingly on a digital infrastructure that is as important to our daily life as our traditional and inherited forms. 

The digital society has an impact on all of us as individuals and as members of organisations. 

Research Areas

Research areas that relate to the theme include that of E-Health and the study of Virtual Worlds.

  • E-GovernmentOur focus is on enhancing government and public service effectiveness and efficiency. We are particularly interested in how technologies can deliver social and public value by promoting trust and enhancing both social capital and social inclusion.
  • E-Health
  • Infinite Bandwidth, Zero Latency
  • Technology ManagementThis area focuses on research that will help managers to make the most appropriate use of current and future technological resources.
  • Virtual Worlds and Video ConferencingSocial Software can be thought of as software which extends, or derives added value from, human social behaviour - message boards, musical taste-sharing, photo-sharing, instant messaging, mailing lists, social networking, virtual worlds and video conferencing.