Interaction Labs

Interaction Labs

The Ambient Technology Lab space is housed in the purpose-built Jennie Lee Building (JLB). The Research Labs allow us to study how learners interact with the latest educational media and technologies, both in the lab and at remote locations.

We provide expertise and knowledge about the evaluation of educational systems as well as dedicated support personnel.  We provide expert knowledge and guidance in all areas of user-centred design, testing and evaluation.

Observation room

 Purpose – A quiet observation area, or can be used as a lab. (up to 12 participants) or meeting room with laptop port to screens.

As this room has two Plasma screens we can configure the system to show output from any of the labs computers or cameras. We can also evesdrop in on any lab to hear what is going on.

Observation window to Ambient technology lab and HCI Lab.

Welcome room

 Purpose – We have a space which you can great or que your participants or use for post experiment evaluations.

Ambient Technology Lab

Purpose – mock-up scenarios of ambient learning (library, museum, classroom) (up to 50 participants) (with view port to the observation room) This lab has 8 dome camera’s plus the ability to provide up to 3 floor standing cameras. It also has a number of data projectors allowing for large groups to watch video or presentations.

Meeting room lab

Purpose – To test and observe meeting room scenarios, focus groups etc. (up to 8 participants) 2 cameras. Support for multiple devices. Laptop point to plasma screen for presentations.

Accessibility lab

Purpose - Accessibility User testing – To test user interfaces and observe how users interact. (2 participants) 2 cameras. 2 x PCs. We have a number of assistive technologies available which can be used in conjunction.

Living lab and games laboratory

Purpose – Some times laboratory conditions can be too ‘clinical’. The living lab is equipped to be more domestic in nature including a sofa to help test your game or tablet app. Useful if the environment might effect people’s response but you still want the efficient use of your or the experimenters time.

Eye tracking

Purpose – We can also help you with desktop and mobile eye tracking of your participants to gain further insight into their user experience .