High Performance Computing Cluster

High Performance Computing Cluster

Many projects in the MCT and Science Faculties require High-Performance Computing (HPC) services. These services are provided through a dedicated High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) of specialised server machines. The system was extended to offer some 500 cores in early 2012.


A significant objective for Faculty Research is one of developing its 'Knowledge' theme to ensure cross-disciplinary connections, to deliver efficiencies and focus and to provide an underpinning for discipline strengths and to support its Enterprise and Consultancy initiatives. Research, particularly in the STEM disciplines, is integral to MCT activity, and makes an important contribution to the University’s research profile. The HPC Cluster is designed to support this objective.

High Performance Cluster

The MCT Faculty has made a major investment in High-Performance Clustered (HPC) computer systems providing a powerful and accessible resource for data-intensive and computing-intensive tasks.

Cross-Faculty and Industrial Partnership

The two linked clusters are jointly operated by the Mathematics Computing and Technology (MCT) Faculty and the Departments of Physics and Astronomy in the Science Faculty. The various projects running on it are sponsored by the Department of Engineering and Innovation, the Department of Computing and Communications and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the MCT Faculty, and the Departments of Chemistry, Earth Sciences in the Science Faculty and the Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute. The two Faculties (MCT and Science) also work closely with external partners developing projects requiring HPC services. These include NASA and other prestigious national and international partners.

Costs and Billing

Usage of the HPC time is calculated and billed per project. Grants made for projects contain an element of funds to pay for the processing. IMPACT services costs (core costs and staffing costs), will be billed at £0.36 per CPU/Hour (as at Jan 2011).