Environmental Monitoring

IWS is a leading UK research and consultancy centre offering expertise in the sustainable management of biodegradable waste.

A particular focus for the group is environmental testing and monitoring of waste processing and bio-treatment plants such as recycling facilities and composting, anaerobic digestion and MBT plants.

IWS maintains first class facilities for waste and materials characterisation, biodegradability testing and for on-site testing and sampling to determine the environmental impact of gaseous, particulates and bioaerosols and liquid emissions from waste and waste processing.

Waste Characterisation

  • Total elemental composition e.g. carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and heavy metals
  • Standard leaching tests including LS10s, upflow percolation etc.
  • Calorific values including chloride, fluoride, sulphates etc.
  • Microbiological testing

Biodegradability testing

  • Anaerobic testing including BMc test for MBT assessment, the PAS110 RBP test and customised methods for new materials
  • Respirometry e.g. DR4 test for MBT assessment, PAS100 stability test
  • Plastics and packaging testing to BS13432

Emissions Testing

  • AfOR Protocol for bioaerosols from Open Windrow Composting Facilities
  • Dust and particulates (environmentally and occupationally)
  • Gaseous emissions including odours, VOCs and other gaseous emissions including ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other compounds and greenhouse gases
  • Liquids including leachates