EM Preparation

Specimen preparation facilities

Coating systems, a new rapid-ion milling system, dimple grinder, and jet electropolishers. Microtomes/Ultramicrotomes, as below:

  • Quorum sputter coater
  • Edwards carbon evaporator
  • Gatan Precision Ion Polishing System (PIPS)
  • Struers Tenupol for electro-polishing
  • Dimpler (Gatan)
  • Disc cutter (Gatan)
  • Disc grinder (Gatan)
  • South Bay Tech tripod polisher
  • Ultrasonic drill (Gatan) 
  • Polaron critical point drying apparatus
  • Leica AFS and AFS2 freeze-substitution apparatus
  • Leica MM80 impact freezer
  • Ultramicrotomes: Two Leica UCT and one Leica OMUE
  • VT1000 vibrating microtome from Leica

Specimen size for SEM

Usually small specimens mounted on a 12mm stub but can accept up to 150mm Dia x 50mm high items with limited translation. Conducting materials image best, but non-conducting specimens can be coated.