Innovation and engineering recent consultancy

Digisheds Project

Professor Simon Bell undertook an evaluation of the innovative employability programme Digisheds. Digisheds aims to combine employer-led core skills training with mental well-being delivered as a personalised curriculum, focus on personal motivation, develop additional enterprise and social innovation capability and expertise.
    The evaluation was intended to check the early progress of the programme and assess its sustainability as a model.

Consultancy examples

I&E undertook consultancy with the National School of Government (NSG), providing training on systems thinking to top flight civil servants in Abu Dhabi as part of an NSG initiative to promote their top management programme over there.”

“I&E developed a consultancy model providing specialised training inputs for Talent in Practice and Swindon Borough Council. We have a unique ‘triple task’ training module and are hoping to be developing the reflective capacities of dozens of Council employees”.